The owner


After completing his studies in Business Information Systems in South Africa, Frederic de Comarmond returned to Mauritius in 2000, where he worked in one of Mauritius’ largest IT companies for 13 years.


In January 2014, he decided to incorporate his own company in order to work in closer relationship with entrepreneurs and SMEs for whom IT is a nightmare. His aim : Help businesses to spend less time worrying about their IT infrastructure, and more time on the stuff that matters!




GoCloud was incorporated in January 2014. It offers end-to-end cloud computing and strategic IT consulting services to small and medium enterprises.


Our cloud services enable companies to enjoy significant savings by reducing the purchase of expensive hardware and software, and the struggle to maintain and run it. You can also save on floor space that would otherwise have been occupied by servers and other hardware. 


If your business is growing, GoCloud can easily adapt to evolving business needs, and provide an economical way to support more users and new IT services. 


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