Reinforce your IT security


Today’s cybercrime threats are not limited to a virus you can catch. Criminals have more tricks to break into your systems, watch over your shoulder, capture your keystrokes or encrypted files. All to ask for ransom. We can ask you to pay attention, not to go to wrong websites and not to open attachments of suspicious emails, however a human error is quickly made.

Did you know:

· There are 300.000 new malware viruses created daily

· 43% of all cyber- attacks are focused on SMEs

· 82% of all cyber-attacks are not discovered with traditional antivirus solutions

· The average breach cost around $300 per end user to fix

· It’s no longer IF a breach is going to happen rather than WHEN

So what’s the solution?

Switch to a better cyber security solution named EDR for better coverage. EDR stands for ‘Endpoint Detection and Response’. Both antiviruses and EDR will stop known viruses, but EDR goes much further by:

Using Artificial Intelligence to detect and prevent threats

Helping to reset to the latest version when a ransomware attack has taken place

Working with smart technology to protect against slow systems

Keeping track of changes and consequences before, during and after an attack

In summary, if we grade the current Antivirus solutions with a 6, then EDR would be an 8+ (unfortunately a solid 10 is never reachable).

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