Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365. What does this change?

As from the 21st April 2020, Microsoft has officially changed the name of Office 365 to Microsoft 365. This new brand name does not however affect the existing customers’ monthly / yearly subscription fees nor the level of service.

Microsoft 365 still includes everything Office 365 included—and more.

Microsoft 365 still gives you access to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Sharepoint for Windows PCs, Macs and iPads. Your subscription also includes 1TB of storage space per person in OneDrive.

Over and above all of this, Microsoft unveiled several new features when they launched Microsoft 365, including:

Microsoft Editor

 Microsoft Editor is Microsoft’s answer to Grammarly. This Artificial-Intelligence service will help you improve your grammar and style in more than 20 languages. It is installed in Word and by default, but should you wish to take advantage of Microsoft Editor on any website, you can also install it as an extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Editor provides ‘rewrite suggestions’ for instances where you know what you want to say but can’t find the “right” way to say it. It’s similarity checker will help you identify possible plagiarized content and insert relevant citations in your text. Lastly, the Inclusive language critique will help you avoid unintentional bias.

Presenter coach

Presenter coach will help you rehearse your Powerpoint presentation. Using Artificial Intelligence, it can help you identify classic presentation mistakes such as talking too fast, using a monotone pitch or just reading the text from your slides.

200+ new premium design templates

PowerPoint Designer helps you be more creative when creating your presentation. Get exclusive access to more than 8,000 images and 175 looping videos from Getty Images, as well as 300 new fonts, 2,800 new icons and 200+ new premium templates to be used across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Money in Excel

Money in Excel makes it easy to manage, track, and analyze your money and spending in an Excel spreadsheet. Connect your bank and credit card accounts to Money in Excel and you will be able to import transactions and account balances automatically to create a personalized workbook in Excel.

Merge your work and personal calendars

Manage your meetings from both your work and personal lives in one place. By linking your personal calendar to your work calendar, you will be able to better view your real availability in your work account, while still keeping your privacy on the details of your personal commitments and business meetings.

A few other features are also available to help you manage your personal life. For example, Microsoft Family Safety includes location-sharing notifications and will help you manage your family’s screen time.

The new Microsoft 365 is providing tools to learn, connect and improve your work-life balance.


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